123Notify:How it works

Have a message to send?  Let us notify all with just one call!
Generate calls to many people at once:  simply schedule your pre-recorded message for delivery to
your phone list!

Easy List Setup:
Our online interface allows you to upload your Excel file or create a list manually in your web account.  We'll store as many lists as you need - just label them for easy identification.  No need to enter information over
and over again!

Quick Recording, Toll Free:
Message recordings are done painlessly through our studio line.  You call the toll free number and enter the Studio ID provided with your account. Follow the prompts to guide you through the process**. 
Recordings are 45 seconds in length - plenty of time to leave a greeting, details and a call back number.

**Title and activate your recordings, using the online web interface.

Schedule your call 1-2-3
Through the online interface you simply select the list and recording from the drop box. Assign a time /date
for delivery.  We do the rest!
Your real-time Call History will display how many calls were sent, and how many were received or waiting 
for callbacks (no answer/busy), as the message is sent.

Web Account Features:

Our online account management allows you to change your password, credit card info, add and edit users,
add and edit lists, activate recordings, schedule calls and view call history.