123Notify Frequently Asked Questions:

How does it work? Easy as 1-2-3!

1. Record
2. Set up Phone List(s)
3. Set up Delivery That's it!

How do I record a message?
Create a recording by dialing right into our Studio Line (Messages may also be uploaded from existing
electronic files)

What is a distribution List?
A list of telephone numbers categorized according to your purposes. Lists may be compiled manually from the website, or by uploading your own CSV file from your hard drive - with the click of a button!

How do I set up a distribution list?

From our secure website, you may manually input a list, or upload your CSV file of phone numbers.

What is a call event?

Your message delivered to a list of recipients at the day and time you've selected!

How do I schedule a call event?
Simply log into your account, match your list of phone numbers with your desired recording and choose time and day for delivery. With the click of a button your call is scheduled! return to top

What does the monthly fee include?
The monthly service fee includes 24/7 on-line access, unlimited user ID numbers (for multiple message
providers within your organization), unlimited 45-second messages, the designated number of calls in your selected plan, and toll free access to the recording studio.

Can more than one message be delivered to my distribution list?
Yes, although we recommend that you avoid sending too many messages in the same day, to the same list
Call events for the same distribution list must be scheduled at least 12 hours apart. You may upload a
duplicate list and give it a different name if you need to schedule sooner.

How often am I billed?
You are billed once a month, on the same date that the service began. If you choose to purchase additional calls for a specific month, you will be charged at the time you purchase those additional calls.

What if I need additional calls?
If you need additional calls in a month, you may purchase a block (or multiple blocks) of 300 calls for a one–time fee. If you decide that you need to increase your monthly calling plan on a permanent basis, please contact Customer Care at 800-362-9446 to discuss cost savings and make arrangements.

Calls purchased as additional one-time calls will be active until the next (not the current) billing cycle.

How long is the recording?
Recordings are 45 seconds in length - plenty of time to leave a greeting, several details and a call
back number.

Here is an example:
Hi, this is Sue Littleton from Community Bible Church, calling to remind you that the music team will
be meeting Wednesday and Friday for the next 2 weeks, at 7 pm. We'll be in conference room 3 which
is located downstairs – that's conference room 3 – take the hallway to the left. If you have questions
or cannot attend please call and let me know. My number is 630–555–1122 ; once again, my number
is 630-555-1122 . If I'm not in, please leave voicemail or call back if you get one of my family members, they have trouble giving me my messages!! Thanks so much - God bless.

What if I need additional recording time?
The system allows you to record for the duration of your selected plan. If you go over the allotted time,
you will be informed by our auto attendant and will then have the ability to record a shorter message .If you think you will regularly need longer recording time, please contact Customer Care at 800-362-9446 to make those arrangements.

How do I set up additional recording ID's for other leaders in my organization?
The account administrator from your organization has the ability to add new users from the Administration
page of the main account. Additional recording ID's may easily and instantly be added under Manage User Accounts. Please contact the person within your organization who is responsible for that function.

How often do I need to record? Only when the message changes. Once the message is recorded, it
is archived in your account. You then assign it to the list of phone numbers and schedule a delivery date.
Example 1: If you have one message that goes out to a different list every week, you record it once
and simply assign it to the new list, then give it a delivery date!
Example 2: You may want a new message to go to the same list each week. You simply record a message (at least one per week), and assign a delivery date to the list.

How quickly will the message be delivered? Our vast network allows for speedy call delivery.
Once you have completed steps 1, 2 and 3 delivery can begin shortly thereafter, delivering several
thousand calls in just a few hours!

How do I upload a WAV file?
If you would like to upload a sound file, please follow these guidelines:
Standard Wave PCM Format
Mono Only
8bit or 16bit (The file will be converted to 8bit)
8000Hz - 48000Hz (Lower is better for upload times, file will be sampled down to 8000Hz)
5 seconds - 90 seconds
Do not send: mp3, wma, wmv, rm, ra, ram, ogg, mpeg, mpg or Stereo Files

Is 123Notify only for church groups?
No! 123Notify is ideal for any group needing to reach many people by telephone. If you host conferences
or speak to audiences, large or small, it's an effective way to reach people and get them excited before
your speaking engagement! It also provides a wonderful connection to the conference teaching for weeks
following the event!

How do I know how many calls have been used?
Your account information is available on line, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This includes the total number
of calls left in your service plan for that month. If you will need additional calls, the account administrator
from your organization may purchase a one–time "blocks of calls" on line.

How do I know if calls were delivered?
123Notify allows you to view the details of the Call History from your account on the website.

What if the recipient doesn't answer?
123Notify detects voicemail and will leave your message on the recipient's private voicemail. If the person
has no voicemail and cannot answer or their line is busy, 123Notify will call three times

What about calls that are not answered, busy, or too late to deliver*?
They will be credited as 'non delivered'. Unable to deliver due to the time limit created when call event
was scheduled.

What if my phone disconnects or hangs up?
123Notify considers the recipient's desire to discontinue the call and will not call back. The Call History in
your account will indicate those who have hung up on your message.

What if someone asks to be removed from my list?
Simple! Use the online account management to delete the number from the list.

How quickly will the message be delivered?
Our vast network allows for speedy call delivery. Once you have completed steps 1, 2 and 3 delivery can
begin within 5 minutes, delivering several thousand calls in just a few hours!

How do I designate the time of day for call delivery?
Select the time of day to begin sending your message from the drop down box provided on the Account Administration page. 123Notify will indicate the approximate time of delivery for the final call, in the list of scheduled call events and send an email to your email address.


Scheduled Start Time Approx End Time
Thu Jun 16 7:35:pm CDT 2005 Thu Jun 16 9:35: pm CDT 2005

What is the latest time of day 123Notify will deliver a call?
That's up to you. When you set up delivery, the system will tell you what time the latest call will deliver.
If you don't want to accept that time, you'll be able to change the start time /date accordingly.

How do I cancel a call event?
With the click of a button! From the website, you may log in to your Account Administration page and view your call events. You will see those that have not started yet, as well as those that are "in progress". On
the far right, of that page, you'll also see a "cancel" button . If delivery has not started, click the button
and confirm the cancel request. If delivery has begun, you may not cancel the delivery.

Still need more help? Call Customer Care 800-362-9446