Since 1995 RemoteLink has designed and delivered affordable conference calling and IVR data services as well as customized products for all sized companies. Products like 123Notify originated as specific development requests from customers just like you. Our team of engineers and developers includes some of the best in the industry of software development and custom IVR!

Our client base includes some of the country's largest retailers, insurance companies, professional sports leagues, financial institutions, phone companies, service providers, merchandisers and manufacturers.

Our dedication to quality, usability and economy is evident in our custom turnkey products as well as our web-based applications. Striving to keep you, the customer, in the forefront of our minds, we develop products and business policies to benefit large and small businesses alike. Pay-as-you-go with instant billing for WebConferencing and Teleconferencing was created to meet your need to itemize expenses per project or product and your desire to avoid paying for services you don’t use or need.

Customer service is something we always hope to not HAVE TO provide! The better our products, the less you need us! But we welcome every opportunity to be in touch with our clients, whether it’s through problem solving, product development or "How are you doing?" phone calls!